John Valenton

 I'm a food lover not a fighter, part time super villain, Amazon Prime addict, BBQ PRO competitor, and I like stuff.

My day job definitely has nothing to do with food and is the reason why I'm able to enjoy some of the amazing food excursions and my new hobbies.  I am a Nuclear Technologist at Stanford's Cancer Center and I work with Cancer patients in their journey with life's worst enemy.   I am one of three teammates on a professional BBQ team called MAC BBQ Shack.  Our team usually enters five to seven KCBS sanctioned contest a year.  I also enjoy volunteering with one of my favorite organizations called Boobs4Food.  B4F is a volunteer supported organization committed to bridging passion for food & the passion to feed the hungry. they organize monthly volunteer events, open to the public, at local hunger awareness organizations, agencies and hunger related special events (currently in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and in NYC).


MAC BBQ SHACK Top 10 Finishes

Smoke on the River 2015

2nd in Chicken

Oaktown Throwdown 2015

6th Overall in 4 Meat Categories

5th in Brisket

6th in Chicken

10th in Pork

Wine Country Big Q 2015

6th in Chicken

7th in Brisket

Smoke on the River 2014

5th in Chicken

7th in Ribs

Brentwood Cook Off & Car Show 2014

9th Overall in 4 Meat Categories

8th in Chicken

6th in Brisket

Oakland Throwdown 2014

9th Overall in 4 Meat Categories

5th in Chicken

8th in Brisket




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